Tapon Media Marketing Group

Tapon Media Marketing Group


Our goal for this years’ 2020 Share-A-Thon is to Reach 1000 new 1070 partners
and you can help with a generous Reach gift of only $10.70 per month, a single yearly gift of $107.00 or $1070.00. Donations are tax deductible.

About Us

Tapon Media Marketing Group

Our objective is to reach even further and bring the Tapon family into the
future, so that you may reap all the benefits of the fast-changing world of

Our future is our forecast and we believe our forecast to be sunny and
bright. Why? Because of dedicated radio listeners and supporters like you.

Your donations through The Share-A-Thon will help to ensure that we keep the world informed, enlightened, motivated and inspired by bringing what we offer to your devices via Apple, Android, ROKU, and FireStick. That is our future.

Today, help make our Share-A-Thon a success and keep our future forecast sunny and bright.

We solicit your support now. If you’d like to accept the challenge and become a “Reach 1070 Partner”, make a donation.

Alone we can do so little,

but together we can do so much.

Tapon Media Marketing Group


The Reach 1070 Share-A-Thon is about a creating a movement where people say we want action, we want it fast and the time is now. It’s a movement where you say I want to be a Reach 1070 partner. Why because:

  • It is important to have a local and black owned radio station in today’s climate.
  • It is Important to help the community share its voice.
  • It is important to broadcast the issues and concerns that are important to you.

It is more evident, particularly given our current state of affairs, that we need to continue to solidify, sustain and nurture black ownership. It is our people that need to be built up, encouraged, renewed and empowered. We believe all of this can be accomplished as we continue to raise the banner of black ownership in our communities.

The Tapon Media Network currently serves as that beacon of light to and for our community. Your contribution to us through Reach 1070 helps to ensure that we remain and are able to deliver news, information and the Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, hope and love through our music and our messages. We are proud and grateful to say that the 1070 listening audience has grown tremendously and compels us to want to reach 1000 new partners

We need your support now. If you’d like to accept the challenge and become a “Reach
1070 Partner”.